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Project Description
SociableBE is a Extension for BlogEngine.NET, written in C#. It enables the owner of a blog to show a variable amount of social services to bookmark articles of the blog. Currently 102 social bookmarking services are implemented.

What is SociableBE?
One of the greatest blog engines based on .NET is BlogEngine.NET with a lot of advantages to it’s competitors. Unfortunately there aren’t as much themes and plugins available as for other engines like DasBlog or Wordpress. One famous plugin for Wordpress is Sociable, “which adds social media buttons to your posts, and does so easily, and beautifully”. There are over 100 bookmarking services integrated and you can choose in your admin-interface which you want to show under your articles for your users.

I tried some of the available social bookmarking extensions for BlogEngine.NET but none had satisfied me. Sociable looks good but it’s written in PHP and only available for Wordpress. It’s rendering it’s output with two simple div’s and a unordered list with some simple stylesheets, so I rewrote it for the BlogEngine.NET in C# and the result is SociableBE (a combination of “Sociable” and “BE” for BlogEngine.NET). The most bulky part was the adoption of all those bookmark services. To make adding new services easier I made a struct with properties for:

* name of the service
* url for adding links with placeholders
* name of a service-specific css-class
* filename of the icon
* a unique identifier

So adding a entry e.g. for is as simple as this:
new SociableBEEntry(++i,

Currently all bookmarking services of Sociable are integrated plus “msdn Social”, the social bookmarking service from Microsoft for developers.

Just extract the downloaded zip-archive to your BlogEngine.NET root-directory and log in to your admin-panel to configure the extension. It’s just as simple as copy’n’paste.



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